Processes of Globalizing Your Brand


Establishing a brand is the first step of branding. After market analysis, we will find the right position, formulate brand strategy according to the needs of the core audience to transfer brand value.


Communication is the main way to build brand power. Based on the principle of brand core value, enterprises construct localized content and match corresponding channels according to content and form characteristics.


The essence of the Internet is connection. Through building the channel, we can accurately reach, attract and interact with the targeted audience, establishing your own brand community.

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Core competitiveness

Founding team with rich industry gene experience

More than 20 years of practical experience in B2B and B2C industries. We have many years of practical experience in sales, market and technology fields, leading thousands of enterprises to go to sea, and being familiar with customer pain points

International overseas and local service team

Headquartered in Singapore, it has established an international brand marketing and content team with Holland, Canada and Singapore as the core.

Deep understanding of closed-loop marketing of practical service ability

Break the single point operation in the industry, help customers establish a whole chain marketing system with the trinity of "shaping communication connection", and create a marketing closed loop

Strong technical background

Google's core partners and experience center operators operate Google sea going experience center in Shanghai, Taizhou and two places

Customer word-of-mouth

Starting to experiment with Google ads in October 2016, linkjoint's optimizer developed four different forms of advertising plans based on the business.
In just 3 months, with 30,000 yuan of advertising investment, 142 quality inquiries were obtained!
In these three months, Leading Digital helped us to start from all aspects of light brand positioning, website design, and optimization of internal SEO of the website. Professional optimizers communicated in a timely manner throughout the process, and gained a broad grasp of the distribution of the actual target purchase group. Greatly strengthened our confidence to push overseas markets!

President Chen

Zhejiang Shunpu Hat Industry

In 2018, Z-mat started experimenting with video shooting and YouTube promotion. With the help of Leading Digital, the cumulative brand video views reached 5 million a year, and 80% of new customers came from video ads.
The YouTube video can fully display the product-to-manufacturing process and technology, so that overseas buyers can have a more intuitive understanding, thereby increasing the inquiry ratio and brand awareness. In fact, as long as the video is not very bad, it is very intuitive for our agents to see the product.

President Kim

Vibration ring machine Z-mat

Only the digitalization of the industrial belt has the industrial Internet. In 2018, the Taizhou Municipal Government held the Taizhou Intelligent Toilet Industry Conference with the help of the 123rd Canton Fair platform, and for the first time in an international exhibition, launched the "Smart Toilet Taizhou Made" brand image. With the help of Leading Digital, we set up an online topic specifically, using Google ’s global search and big data channels, to accurately promote the image of Taizhou's smart manufacturing brand, and accelerate the pace of the smart toilet industry's entry into the international market. The exhibitors received nearly 1,000 buyers from more than 20 countries and regions on four continents.

Taizhou Commerce Bureau

Taizhou Intelligent Toilet Industry Belt

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